Appetite for Disruption

A Podcast on the Business and Regulation of Fintech

Many opportunities and challenges are at the intersection of technology financial services, and government. Fintech itself is rapidly evolving as businesses continuously innovate, and new ideas come from unexpected places. At the same time, regulators are trying to keep pace and increasingly use technology themselves to ensure that businesses comply with the law.

Hosted by Troy Paredes and Lee Schneider, this bi-monthly podcast dives into this disruption by engaging the leaders who are changing what fintech is and how we think about it. In this podcast, Troy, former SEC Commissioner and founder of Paredes Strategies LLC, and Lee, general counsel at and co-founder of Genesis Block, LLC, discuss today’s — and tomorrow’s — exciting and impactful fintech topics.

With their guests, they explore business, technology, and regulatory trends and developments, giving listeners new perspectives to take back to Main Street, the Hill, Wall Street, and the boardroom.


Dr. Dale Purves, Duke Neuroscientist

Dr. Dale Purves is Geller Professor of Neurobiology Emeritus in the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences where he remains Research Professor with additional appointments in the department of Psychology and Brain Sciences, and the department of Philosophy at Duke University. He earned a B.A. from Yale University in 1960 and an M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1964.

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